Why not home?

The integration of health and social care is the Scottish Government’s ambitious programme to improve care and support for people who use health and social care services. NHS Boards and local authorities are working together to deliver services in a coordinated way and this includes making sure things are in place to make sure that people can be supported at home or in a home like setting.

In Fife, their integration model is seeing various agencies providing care working together with the person receiving care at the middle of decision making. This multi agency approach is working well for Craig who lives in supported accommodation and has a tailored package of care to help him live as independently as possible. You can hear Craig’s story in the video below.

Based on Craig’s story and your own experiences, what do you think are the main benefits to people getting support being able to get support at home or in a home like setting? What should be in place to for support at home or in a home like setting to become widespread? Share your comments on this post!

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