Young Scots – Creating a Healthier Scotland: What Matters to You?


We want young people to be central to the conversation on what steps need to be taken to create a healthier Scotland today and in the future. Young Scot will be working with the Scottish Government to seek the views of young people from across the length and breadth of Scotland with a range of different backgrounds and experiences.

We will be working with Young Scot to give young people the opportunity to share their views on what a healthier Scotland should look like in the next 10-15 years as part of a national conversation.

In order to find out what matters most to young Scots, the Scottish Government and Young Scot are asking young people the three following questions:

  • What support do we need in Scotland to live healthier lives?
  • What areas of health and social care really matter to you?
  • Thinking about the future of health and social care services, what should the Scottish Government’s focus be?

Young Scot will establish a team of young people to explore the Healthier Scotland questions in more detail and lead a national response on behalf of their peers, culminating in a National event next spring.

You can get involved in the conversation on the Healthier Scotland Twitter and use the hashtag #healthierscotland, on our facebook page or simply drop us an email to with your thoughts and views.

You can also visit the Young Scot website and take part in the survey Young Scots Survey

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Healthier Scotland

The Scottish Government is inviting you to have your say on what a healthier Scotland should look like in the next 10 to 15 years.