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Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer – Dr Catherine Calderwood – launched a new physical activity infographic at the Scottish Medical Leadership Conference in Glasgow this week.

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It shows the importance of being active and highlights some of the benefits of physical activity.  Did you know being active can cut the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 40 per cent, cardiovascular disease by 35 per cent, and breast and colon cancers by 20 per cent?


Did you know that you should be aiming to do 150 minutes per week of physical activity?  If that is too much, remember something is better than nothing and just 10 minutes at a time provides benefit.

You can download the Physical Activity Infographic here.

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  1. NHS Health Scotland welcomes this great infographic. To get Scotland moving more everyone needs to be constantly surrounded by opportunities to become and stay active whether that’s in our nurseries, schools, colleges, workplace, care settings or local community. We must ensure everyone knows how active they should be and how they can easily access the activities that suit their interests and circumstance irrespective of age, gender or ability.

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    1. Thanks @NHS_HS we think the infographic is great and shows how even light activity can make a huge difference!


  2. The Daily Mile enables all nursery and school children to stay fit and healthy. It improves physical mental emotional and social health and well being. It costs nothing. It’s completely simple to implement and requires no staff training. Parents love it because they know it keeps their children fit. And a healthy weight. This may well be the solution that everyone is looking for.

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  3. Nice infographics, but when it comes to Yoga (my specialty) not correct.
    Yoga does not build strength, the movements are too slow and gentle for that. Yoga when containg all the classical elements (poses, breathing etc.) does offer all the benefits mentioned for physical activty, like lowering cancer risk, heart disease etc. However, it ofers much more than just physical exercise. It improves health and vitality, body consciousness, posture, flexibilty, and breathing (the improved breathing, more complete and more slow) is crucial). Also bloodcirculation improves, the immune system is stimulated, lymphe fluid circulation improves, and last but not least the stress response is de-activated and relaxation response induced. The health benefits I see with my clients and patients are vast improvement of high blood pressure problems, less backpain and better health (people report to have fewer colds and flu attacks).
    Peter Haima, Ph.D.

    With cancer patients the results are striking. Anxiety and depression goes down, peole regain trust in their body, and overall quality of lfe improves. The study by Andersen et al. suggests dramatic improvement of survival rates when breast cancer patients followed a simple yoga breathing exercise program.
    Barbara L. Andersen et al. Psychologic Intervention Improves Survival for Breast Cancer Patients. A Randomized Clinical Trial. Cancer. 2008 Dec 15; 113(12): 3450–3458.

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