Scottish Health Awards 2015 – Innovation Award Winners

Edinburgh Alcohol Related Brain Damage Team – NHS Lothian


Source:  Daily Records Scottish Health Awards 2015 Supplement

A PDF copy of the supplement can be found here: Scottish Health Awards 2015 Supplement – Page 2

Winners Story:

This team designed and created a service for individuals with Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD). Those in need of this service have very often hit rock bottom and have lost much of their dignity, self-worth and the ability to function independently.  Many have lost contact with family members and support networks.

Previously people suffering from ARBD were admitted to acute hospital beds within NHS Lothian for acute problems such as alcohol withdrawal.

A group was assembled to look at whether a designated unit could be provided for the re-enablement of these individuals. The aim was to try to offer as many as possible the ability to live independently.

This culminated in the establishment of a designated unit at  Milestone House – a 10 bedded unit in Oxgangs where individuals can stay for up to 12 weeks managed by the third sector organisation, Penumbra. During the 12 week programme, individuals work with designated key workers such as professionals in physiotherapy occupational therapy, psychiatry and psychology (as required).  Work focusses on reintroducing normal activities of daily living as well as cognitive recovery, coping strategies, physical ability and abstinence techniques.

Milestone House offers this very vulnerable group with a safe and home-like environment whilst providing activities to stimulate cognitive recovery and reinstate a sense of self.

The Bigger Picture:

The work of this team and the compassion, empathy and care they have shown to those who have stayed at Milestone House has had a significant impact on the lives of the residents and their families.  Relatives of residents have said that their work is changing lives and is bringing families together again.  Residents themselves have given very positive feedback to indicate that they felt “happy and safe” during their stay.

This is a clear demonstration of a direct contribution to our Quality Ambition for Effective Care which has a focus on identifying those improvements where there is clear and agreed evidence of clinical and cost-effectiveness, and to support the spread of these practices where appropriate to ensure that unexplained and potentially wasteful or harmful variation is reduced.

The service is estimated to have released over 1200 acute bed days (not including the avoidance of readmissions) with an estimated saving of £5000 per patient admitted to Milestone with far improved outcomes.

Cognitive assessment is carried out using Addenbrooks Cognitive Assessment III (ACEIII) and shows an average improvement of 10% in the 12 weeks in the unit.  It is anticipated that cognitive recovery will continue with persistent abstinence and data is being collected to look at these longer terms outcomes.

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