Conversation Outputs

Over 9,000 people have taken part in the Conversation at 240 events over a six month period and Our Twitter, Facebook and blog activity reached over 360,00 people.

The summary report reflects what we’ve heard from the broad conversations which have taken place. While the views and opinions differed – reflecting a wide range of priorities and experiences – most of them fell into a number of broad themes.  The report summarises these broad themes, and includes quotes to represent the range of responses received.

In recognition of all those who supported the Conversation there is also a list of groups and organisations who contributed in some way.  We would like to extend our thanks to these organisations, as well as the many individuals who gave their time to participate

Throughout the Conversation we have taken steps to reach out to groups and individuals that may be more likely to face discrimination, inequalities, or have difficulties engaging for a variety of reasons.  A summary of our approach to equalities and human rights is provided.