Next Steps

We will now take time to consider the findings from the Healthier Conversation before responding.  We’ll consider the overall findings alongside recently published reviews and policy developments.  This will require open and honest discussion about priorities as we develop an action plan for the future.

We know a lot of you want to be involved in the next steps, and we’ll make sure there’s more public engagement as we go forward.  The new Our Voice framework will support dialogue about what matters and what needs to change, and encourage you to become part of that process.

our voice.pngOur Voice – Working together to improve health and social care in Scotland.

Our Voice is based on a vision where everyone can influence how Scotland’s health and social care is run. This includes those who use it, organisations, carers and members of the public. Our aim is to develop a framework that allows everyone to have their view heard, so that Scotland’s health and social services can be improved at both local and national levels. After all, the people who are closest to our services are best placed to shape them.

To find out more about Our Voice and to get involved, visit

You can also contact the team by phoning 0141 241 6308, or by writing to: Our Voice, 4th Floor, Delta House, 50 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2NP.